Reshape Your Approach: 
Golf Club Cleaner by Fendo

Dual-Sided Design
Ergonomically Engineered
Completely Customizable

Think of your golf club grooves like the tread on your car tires. If they’re not maintained for optimal performance,  you may find yourself dead in the water. 

Fendo Golf Cleaner brings age-old maintenance processes into the modern world with a premium, innovative solution that allows you to effortlessly deep clean and polish your club in seconds

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They say the devil is in the details, so we hand-crafted every aspect of our new product to match modern club technology.

It’s time for a revolution: Protect your iron investment with a solution that’s up to par. Fendo is infused with every element you’ll need to prepare your clubs for perfection - and attack greens with confidence. 

Design Distinction

Elevate your swing. Fendo’s patented dual-bristle system works with the hydro-solution chamber to clean and polish the club simultaneously. Our ergonomic smooth handle is made to grip fit around the entirety of the iron.

Play to Perfection

Reshape your approach and do the little things. Take your game to a higher level through increased control, spin, and descent angles ... Let us be your silent ally around the greens, always available to help improve your odds and ensure you’re set up for success.

Customizable Canvas

Your personal style symbolizes yourself as a golfer, and we want to help you express that. We intentionally crafted our exterior grip to spotlight individuality and allow for the customization of your choosing. Showcase your brand, your business or your personality with graphics printed directly onto your device.