Innovation Inspired by Everyday Golfers

The journey to Fendo Golf began with Connor Gans and Dave Murrell, long-time college friends from North Carolina who shared a passion for golf. In 2016, living as roommates, they began their sales careers in Atlanta, where golf was often a focal point of their weekends. Like many others, dreams and ideas were constantly debated with an end goal of working for themselves in a space they loved. Many of these ideas didn't make it to the surface, but there was still an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the game that carried onwards.

Fast Forward to 2021, the lightbulb went off.  After spending 20 minutes at the kitchen sink deep cleaning irons before a round. Why isn't there an easier solution for this? Scouring the internet up and down, they noticed the serious lack of innovation in this space that was filled with countless toothbrush-like products. Dave, now from his Manhattan apartment, called Connor and both instantly agreed: This idea may be the one.

That's where the story begins. They set out to create a unique device that efficiently cleans the entirety of the iron, while also providing the 'flare' and design appeal that tailors to the modern day golfer. From 2021 until today, they ventured down a path that's been as exhilarating as it's been bumpy. It's taken them through the winding roads of market research, the intricacies of patent acquisition, collaborations with business lawyers, engineers, manufacturers, and the detail driven stages of prototyping. All of the ups and downs were for a greater cause - the relentless pursuit of consumer product perfection.

"If you would have asked us back in 2021, we would've told you to prepare for takeoff the same year we started on this project. There was an immeasurable amount of leg work to be done behind the scenes that we weren't prepared for as first time entrepreneurs" said Connor. "We really had to roll with the punches and learn from our early mistakes," added Dave. "It's amazing how much of the trial and error helped us get to where we are today, standing at the finish line."

Today, Fendo Golf stands as a testament to their friendship and determination. Fendo Golf’s handheld club cleaning product is only the beginning of the duo's innovative approach to their brand and ambition to disrupt the golf industry. Fendo is more than just a company; it's a dream realized through years of hard work, creative thinking, and unwavering friendship.  

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