Private Label Collaboration Program:

Elevate Your Brand with Customized Excellence

The exclusive program offers a unique opportunity to blend your brand's identity with the cutting-edge
functionality of Fendo. Transforming not only the way golf clubs are cared for, but also how your brand is
perceived in the expansive world of golf.

Join us in setting a new standard for brand collaboration in the golf industry, with FENDO at the forefront of this
exciting journey.

Custom Printed Fendo with Brand Pattern Featured:
Ideal for corporate gifts, exclusive merchandise,
or a signature line of golf accessories.

Online Content Featuring Your Brand:
We shine the spotlight on our brand partners through engaging articles and captivating social media posts that connect you to a wider audience.

Custom Content Creation for Your Brand:
We provide high quality videos/images and persuasive copy to amplify your brand’s voice and capture your community with a riveting story to tell.